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Schöni Artisan Wood Oven Breads

Taking the time to do it right

Each week Andi is pre-heating the oven with at least 4 fires, lets the wood burn down completely each time, puts in another load of wood, etc. until the oven reaches a temperature that allows him to bake all night.

Welcome to the World of Authentic Wood Oven Baking

Thousands of years ago, bread was baked on natural stone, using wood heat.
Andi takes you back to those times when life was simple and bread tasted distinctively earthy.

Timing, steam, a wood-fired stone hearth, and carefully cultured ingredients produce Swiss quality artisan bread with irresistible flavour, texture, aroma, and unique crust that is second to none.

Invermere's Best Kept Secret, where the best breads are made...

About Schöni Breads

Born in Invermere, Raised naturally crusty, Bread to win your ♥ forever

Andi uses old traditional methods with long fermentation times and this, combined with only the best pure ingredients produces long lasting bread with an exquisite flavor, hearty texture and a beautiful crust.

ORGANIC spelt flour, dark rye and whole-wheat flours are freshly stone ground every week in our own bakery for maximum flavours and nutrients

All products are handcrafted, naturally leavened and nurtured and slowly risen.

NO chemicals or additives are used to rush a process or artificially preserve bread

“you can see and taste the love and TLC that goes into every loaf of bread”


BREAD MAGIC Thank you for the feta chive baguette - we both loved it and will add it to the list of “must order” breads in the future! (We need a bigger freezer). So glad to have discovered your bread magic - I hope you keep it up for a long, long time. - R.C, Canmore